Letter to the Editor


To the editor,

When we found out that Heather Sanborn was seeking the Democratic nomination to represent Westbrook in the Maine Senate, we were both overjoyed. Not only is Heather a good friend, a dedicated and talented state legislator, and the co-founder, owner and operator of Rising Tide Brewing Company, but she is an important part of Westbrook’s business scene with Rising Tide’s 8,400 square foot warehouse located in Westbrook. Heather knows Westbrook and we are confident she is ready to represent our city in Augusta.

Not long after we first got to know Heather, we discovered very quickly that she was among the smartest, most fearless people serving in Maine government. As a first-term member of the Maine House, Heather – without even blinking – took on two of the most technical and most lobbyist-infested committees in the Legislature (Energy, Utilities and Technology; Insurance and Financial Services).  

Over the past two years, the power companies, the big telecoms, the insurance firms and the bankers have thrown everything they could at the Legislature in one final attempt to squeeze whatever they could out of the Maine people in the last year of the LePage administration.

But instead, Heather Sanborn led the fight on behalf of Maine families and has already become one of the strongest champions for consumer protections in Maine. In fact, she got two new laws passed unanimously regulating debt collectors and is already researching her next batch of bills for 2019. That will be good news for students, workers and anyone who has ever found themselves trapped in a cycle of debt.

As Westbrook’s next Senator, Heather will push for more renewable energy, greater access to health care, and an end to the days when Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services and Maine State Housing let our most vulnerable citizens slip through the cracks.

That is the kind of leadership Westbrook needs and deserves.

We both have unwavering faith in Heather to do what’s right for Westbrook and the entire state. Primary Day is June 12 (or sooner if you want to vote absentee). Let’s send this tireless advocate for Westbrook and Maine people to the Senate.


Rep. Drew Gattine, D-Westbrook and Westbrook City Council President Brendan Rielly (Ward One)