Letter: Trump supporters need glimpse of reality


Those who are paying attention instead of watching Fox News for real news have watched Donald Trump flood the swam instead of draining it.

Mr. Trump continues to make money at his resorts using them for offiical use, funneling fees to Trump Enterprises.

Mr. Trump continues to demean and critize anyone that disagrees with him, whether they are world leaders or members of Congress.

Mr. Trump sets examples of behavior by treating women like toys for pleasure rathern than the fairer sex and equal partners of this earth.

He demeans world leaders the world over while praising thugs and murderers the world over.

Mr. Trump continues to distance our trade partners with his hyperbole and isolating possible future trade partners.

Maybe Mr. Stephens from Buxton could remove his rose-colored glasses and take a glimpse of reality.

Edgar Beem is all right by me, thank god for the free press. But four more years of Mr. Trump could jeopardize that, too.

Chris Bove