Letter: Trust Claxton for Senate District 20


I’m writing in support of Ned Claxton, who is a candidate for the open Maine Senate seat in District 20. In addition to being highly conversant in the health and health care-related challenges that face his district and the state of Maine, Claxton recognizes the importance of Maine’s environment and its energy choices to the well-being of its residents.

Claxton is good listener and a consensus-builder, two qualities that are in short supply today in statehouses across America. He is a problem-solver, not an ideologue.

Claxton understands what makes Maine special and why people are drawn to live and work here. I’ve watched him engage with people and believe he can be trusted to represent his constituents faithfully and vigorously. He’ll work full-time, even overtime, on our behalf.

Charles F. Gauvin
New Gloucester