Letter: When you sue city, taxpayers pay price


As a lifelong Westbrook resident, I am disgusted by the negative publicity we endure regarding our Fire Department. Our tax dollars are rewarded with a constant supply of complaints, bickering and lawsuits. I don’t know what has transpired between Mayor Sanphy and Chief Turcotte, nor do I care. But when you sue Westbrook, you are suing the taxpayers and we are irate. Fire Police gone. Call Company almost gone. Lawsuit after lawsuit. The WFD chaos tirelessly rolls on. Chief Turcotte previously described his department as a “warm, friendly inclusive environment” when Fire Police and the Call Company complained. Now says he is subjected to “a hostile work environment and emotional pain and suffering” among other things. How ironic is that? A Westbrook’s fire inspector’s honesty and integrity are being dragged into the WFD drama. Defend your reputation and your company and fire up the next lawsuit, Mr. Fire Inspector. We’re behind you 100 percent. Question: Is it true that one of the Safer grant hires has already taken the proverbial road to greener pastures and two others have one foot out the door? If so, I suggest exit interviews because if they are “out of here” this soon, we’d like to know why. In closing, I couldn’t care less who “wins” this lawsuit. But I’d like to thank all involved for the front-page news, embarrassment and humiliation you have brought Westbrook once again. You must feel real proud. As usual, the losers are the citizens of Westbrook.

Lorraine Glidden