To the Editor

A group of seniors from Windham High School was focused, deliberate in thought and totally involved as they eagerly expressed their ideas about instituting long-term school safety policies in the Windham Raymond School System.

We, the Windham and Raymond Legislative Delegation, requested a “listening” session with the group with the hope of learning from them new ideas and specific steps that could be taken to improve school safety both locally and possibly across the state.

State Representatives Mark Bryant, Patrick Corey, Jessica Fay and Sue Austin along with myself sat with the students for nearly an hour for the sole purpose of learning – learning from them … and we did, far beyond our expectations.  

We heard well-thought-out, practical ideas that should be considered and, if deemed appropriate by staff and school administration, implemented as significant safety improvements in schools throughout RSU 14.

Listening to these impressive seniors who are about to end their high school careers and move on to the next step in their lives was an inspiration to say the very least.  Their sincerity and true caring for the school system and for their fellow students was striking.

Above all else we as legislators came away from this session with a renewed spirit and confidence in the future of this next generation of leaders.  I only wish their parents and grandparents and the community could have witnessed the commitment, dedication and insight demonstrated by these amazing students.

They made me and the entire delegation very proud ….and they would make you  proud too!

Senator Bill Diamond