Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Representative Patrick Corey for supporting LD 1444, a legislative bill that would have expanded on Community Solar development and that would also eliminate CMP’s ability to charge a fee on solar energy generated and consumed behind customer’s meters in real time.

This common-sense legislative bill won an easy 2/3rd majority in both the Senate and the House but was unable to overcome the Governor’s veto after the Governor leveraged his political power on House members and ultimately flipped seven votes from ‘Yes’ to ‘No’, which defeated the bill by two votes.

Thank you for having strong morals, for standing your ground, and for not succumbing to political pressure from those who lack a fundamental understanding of today’s modern and evolving energy landscape. Grid-tied solar energy supports local jobs, moves Maine towards energy independence, and keeps more of our hard-earned money in our local economy, all while providing an unmatched economic and environmental return on investment.

I hope that you will continue to support sound solar policy into the future.

Thank you,

Geoff Sparrow, Windham