LETTERS: Fernandes worthy of support


I support Mary Fernandes for House District 66, covering parts of Casco, Raymond and Poland.

I believe that if you look at the three candidates for this state house position, you will find her – as I have – the best qualified and the best overall candidate. Mary has been on the Casco Selectboard for the past four years, and chair of that municipal body for the past two years. She is very well respected by her colleagues on the board and those who have worked with her in the town. She knows what goes on in our town and the region, and she knows the needs of the people she serves. She is very approachable, friendly, and professional – all important qualities for a state representative, and she knows how to get things done.

Most important, she is in touch with the people in our area, and has good insight into what kind of help or support the state can provide to respond to the needs of both people and businesses. She is a both a leader and a team player, the kind of person we need to represent us in Augusta in the years ahead. I urge readers to get to know the candidates for this district and what they stand for, and – if they have been in office – their voting record.

On Election Day, let’s put the best person in the job of representing us – Mary Fernandes of Casco.

Halsey Snow,