LETTERS: Fox for council


Since I withdrew from the District 5 City Council race, many friends and neighbors have asked me which of the remaining candidates I plan to vote for. I appreciate the American tradition of the secret ballot and normally I keep my political choices private, but because I received support and encouragement from hundreds of South Portland voters who signed my nomination papers, I feel compelled to answer this question publicly.

On Nov. 4 I will cast a vote for Brad Fox.

Mr. Fox shares my concern for the safety of our children and the safety of our environment. Mr. Fox shares my belief that one of South Portland’s greatest assets is its diversity and that the City Council should be equally diverse. Mr. Fox and I agree that renters who make up nearly 45 percent of South Portland’s population have been woefully underrepresented on city boards and committees, particularly the City Council. Mr. Fox and I recognize that broadening and diversifying our tax base is vital to the future of South Portland’s economy.

For those reasons and more, I am pleased to give Mr. Fox my endorsement. I hope you will give him your vote.

Adrian Dowling

South Portland