LETTERS: We can all prevent drug abuse


What do we need to do to stop middle, and high school students from doing drugs? Haven’t you ever wondered why Maine teens are at higher risk of drug usage? It’s because we have a lot of free time on our hands. Schools need to take actions against drug usage by providing more opportunities for students to be involved, such as clubs and other after-school activities where students can have fun and do good with their time.

Our communities can also lend a hand to prevent drug usage. The people can arrange community meets to talk about the downfalls of drug usage. They can tell them about how using drugs leads to a drug addiction and how the best ways to stop is by not trying them at all. Our communities can also help by offering support groups where teens can talk about their problems instead of ignoring them which most of the times leads to drugs.

Parents play a huge role in their kids’ lives, which is why they need to pay more attention to their kids. Parents need to ask their kids about their day and how they feel, and, most of all, talk to their kids if they see something wrong.

I think that if we all come together – the schools, communities and parents – we can make a difference and stop teens from throwing their lives away.

Ali Aljubyly