Local school budget referendums set for June 14

School and municipal officials in Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough and South Portland are all urging voters to approve the local school budgets during referendums being held in all three communities on Tuesday, June 14.

Officials in all three communities say the budgets, which would set school funding for the 2016-2017 fiscal year, are the result of many hours of hard work.

In Cape Elizabeth, Molly MacAuslan, the Town Council chairwoman, said voters there should support the $24.3 million school budget.

“We know our community values education and consistently shows strong support for our children and our schools,” she said this week. “Voters should know that the School Board and the superintendent are confident this budget will meet the needs of our students, as well as the goals of the strategic plan.”

Councilor Caitlin Jordan agreed.

“I believe the citizens of Cape Elizabeth should vote to approve the school budget. Our school system is a tremendous asset to our town,” she said.

In Scarborough, there are both handmade and printed signs all across town urging voters to support the new $47.5 million school spending package.

In addition, the group Save Scarborough Schools has taken to social media to encourage residents to vote in favor of the school budget. On its Facebook page the group said, “OK gang, let’s get this budget passed. It’s time to vote ‘yes’ and get out the vote.”

Scarborough Council Chairman Bill Donovan is also hoping that voters in town support the school budget and pass the measure on the first try, unlike in years past, when school spending has gone back to the voters multiple times.

Donovan said this week that the new school budget is “a good budget worthy of support.”

Donna Beeley, chairwoman of the Board of Education, said she feels fortunate that the board and Town Council are presenting a united front this year.

“The council and the school board worked so closely to arrive at a responsible increase that I hope the voters will support (the school budget),” she said. “We spent an awful lot of hours going over everything. I am really hoping the community will come out in full support.”

During this past budget season there was very little debate and no changes made to South Portland’s proposed school budget of $47.7 million by either the Board of Education or the City Council.

A closer look

School budget validation referendums are Tuesday, June 14.

Cape Elizabeth residents vote at the high school, from 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

Scarborough voting takes place at the Scarborough High School gymnasium from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. for all residents.

South Portland polls will be open from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Polling locations are: District 1, Boys and Girls Club, 169 Broadway; District 2, American Legion Stewart P. Morrill Post 35, 413 Broadway; District 3 and 4, Community Center, 21 Nelson Road; District 5, Redbank Community Center, Macarthur Circle West.