Looking Back


April 6, 1994

Westbrook’s acting mayor, Kenneth Lefebvre, was in Pensacola, Florida, Monday through Thursday last week. His business trip produced an explosion of charges from Alderman Don Richards at Monday’s City Council meeting. Then came talk of censuring and suing Richards. Richards insisted that the city charter requires that the major put someone in his place when he leaves the city. He accused Lefebvre or his administrative assistant, Jeff Grossman, of lying to him about whether Lefebvre did that. Grossman said he’d be talking to a lawyer about whether he can sue Richards. Lefebvre and City Solicitor Michael Cooper said Cooper advised Lefebvre that he didn’t need to name an acting mayor. Lefebvre also said he left Alderman Elmer Welch in charge for anything that needed immediate attention.

The person who took their money may be escaping prosecution, but people who paid cash in Westbrook may not have valid auto registrations. The need for firm evidence may stand in the way of any court charges against the still-unnamed Finance Department employee suspected of pocketing registration fees. Acting Mayor Kenneth Lefebvre invited anyone who paid cash to register a car in Westbrook to check with the police or City Hall on “whether their car in legally registered.”

The Gorham Planning Board unanimously approved the Village Square Development at Monday’s meeting. If approved by the Town Council, Gorham will have 48 more housing units for low-income elderly and disabled. The $2.8 million project off School Street is expected to be put on the council agenda in May.

From the Westbrook Police Log: Bradlees caught a boy shoplifting and sent him to the police station. LaVerdiere’s caught a boy shoplifting and he was taken to his grandmother. Bradlees asked police to keep order in a long line that formed for their sale of Power Rangers, a new toy. They sold out in 15 minutes. Bradlees asked police to calm down the mother of a girl caught shoplifting.

April 7, 2004

Grass may soon return to Saccarappa Park, almost a year after the city sparked a controversy by clearing the vegetation from it. The park has been used as a staging area for boardwalk construction. Though it may not become a park permanently, it could once again become a green space when construction ends next month. The city still has an interest in developing the site, but there are no offers on the table.

Gorham Superintendent Michael Moore is among 12 applicants for the position of interim superintendent, a job created when Moore announced his retirement last month because of impending changes in the Maine State Retirement System. Moore said he had made his intention clear to apply for the interim position from the beginning. With April 30 as Moore’s final day on the job, Rose-Marie South, chairman of the Gorham School Committee, said she hopes to have an interim in place by then.

Al and Judy Doyon awoke last Thursday, April Fools’ Day, to find their lawn on Pierce Street in Westbrook covered in pink flamingos. “We’ve been had,” were the first words out of Al’s mouth. The Doyons weren’t sure who the practical joker was, at first suspecting their son, Ron. They figured the prank must have been pulled off sometime after midnight in the rain, since they heard or saw nothing. Later, the Doyons began to focus on new suspects, Judy’s sister and brother-in-law, Susan and Jim MacFarlane, with their daughter, Krista Doherty, and Al and Judy’s daughter, Stacy Hotham. In an interview with the American Journal, Susan confessed that they were indeed behind the caper. “It was fun,” she said.

Gov. John Baldacci will be the special guest speaker at the Westbrook Community Chamber’s Business at Lunch, April 15. With tax reform proposals on the ballot, Baldacci will present the state’s perspective on the issue.