LR Police log



Chad Leeman, 19, of 61 State Park Road, Casco was arrested on April 13, on charges of criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

Richard Gurney, 24, of 36 Rosewood Court, Casco was arrested on April 12, on a charge of domestic violence assault.

David Kimball, 42, of 30 School Street, Harrison, was arrested on April 10, on a charge of operating under the influence.

William Munroe, 25, of 41 Margaret Street, Naples, arrested on April 8, on a charge of operating after license revocation habitual offender.

Erin Hayne, 40, of 11 Casco Road, Naples arrested on April 10, on a charge of operating under the influence.

Eric Small, 36, of 37 Higgins Hill Road, Casco, arrested on April 8, on charges of operating after suspension, possession of a suspended drivers license and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Steven Shanks, 35, of 16 John Adams Court, Naples, arrested on April 6, on an active warrant for failure to appear.


We don’t talk …

An estranged husband working out of state called his wife to remind her that he would not be picking up his children that day. The Casco woman called police to report that her husband had violated a protection order by calling her on the phone rather than using email as directed by the order.

No put-put for you…

Someone connected with the Moose Landing Marina called police on April 10 to report that bolts were removed and wires cut from an outboard motor in an attempt to steal the item. The motor was not removed and the investigation continues.

Store opening…

Sebago Storage reported to police on April 11 that two units were broken into by cutting padlocks from the doors. The locking devices on the doors were damaged. Both unit renters were contacted out of state, but could not determine if anything was missing.

Valet parking?

Police received various reports of car thefts from Bridgton, Casco and Naples around April 6. Two of the stolen vehicles were recovered at two residential home construction sites where the cars were abandoned.

Mr. Lonely

On April 10, a Windham woman parked at the Standish boat launch by Sebago Lake noticed a man sitting in his truck with the dome light on. The man was engaged in some personal activity so the woman started to turn her car around to leave. At this point, the woman’s back-up lights illuminated the man, as he leapt from his vehicle, wearing only a hat. As the woman drove away she spotted a Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department vehicle and pulled over to tell police what she had seen. Upon entering the boat launch area, the officer found the man still in his blue truck. The man was issued a criminal trespass warning, as well as a summons for indecent conduct.

Trespassing or theft?

A Pond Road resident reported to police on April 10, that four “no trespassing” signs had been taken from his property.

Isn’t this a federal crime?

A Dow Road resident told police his mailbox was run over around 12:30 a.m. on April 8. Police found a piece of a Toyota marker light lens, gray paint on the victim’s newspaper box and tire imprints along the road. While driving on Bonny Eagle Road, the owner of the damaged mailbox noted a gray Toyota Corolla parked in a driveway. Police investigated, and found the recovered lens piece matched the broken lens on the car, the tires were the same tread print and the gray paint appeared to match the sample found on the paper box. The owner of the Toyota denied his involvement, but police returned to issue him a summons to court for the incident.

Hands on…

Police received a report on April 7, of a dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend at Bonny Eagle High School. The boy student grabbed the girl student at some point during their argument. School officials have handled the matter internally.