Mad Horse’s ‘Trevor’ tells chimp’s backstory


The latest production from Mad Horse Theatre Co. is “Trevor” by Nick Jones, a play not so loosely based on the case of Travis the chimp, who attacked his owner’s neighbor.

While the script departs from the real-life outcome, the backstory is similar to the actual events. It is equal parts disturbing and hilarious.

The show speaks to those who take pet ownership too seriously or potentially anyone with rambunctious kids who has felt like nobody understood how important and loveable these creatures are if you just got to know them. While most of the play is told from Trevor’s perspective, the desperation of the chimp’s owner (played by Shannon Campbell) is palpable.

“Trevor” is directed by Christine Marshall. The cast includes Mad Horse company members Brent Askari, Burke Brimmer (who plays Trevor), Campbell, Allison McCall and Mark Rubin, along with guest artists Grace Bauer and Danny Gay.

The show opened on Jan. 14 and will run for three weeks with Thursday, Friday, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon performances. Thursdays are pay-what-you-can. The theater is located at 24 Mosher St.

“It is important to us as a company that anyone who wants to can see one of our shows,” says Mad Horse’s artistic director Christine Marshall. “Yes it cuts into profits but then we are a not-for-profit arts organization. If we are solvent then that’s good and has to be enough if we are to stand behind that label. The people and the art come first.”

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“Trevor” actors Mark Rubin and Shannon Campbell perform during a recent rehearsal. The show runs for the next two weekends at Mad Horse Theatre Co. in South Portland.