Metro must reconsider


The Greater Portland Transit District is finalizing their plans for the Metro bus to come to Freeport. One of the three proposed stops is our Freeport Community Library. From the Metro bus perspective, the library presents a convenient turn- around, drop-off and pick-up location that will benefit their customers who will be allowed to park in the lot and use the library as a pit stop. From our perspective, having the bus come and go nine times a day with as many as 120 passengers in and out of the library space greatly changes the tone of our local treasure.

We love our library – it is a safe place for our youngest of children to enjoy story hour, our growing children to learn to become independent adults, a quiet place to curl up with a book, a peaceful place to meet or to sit outside and enjoy the garden. We want this space to stay safe, quiet and peaceful.

Our community library does not have to be part of the Metro bus route at all. There are several alternative routes for the Metro bus within the commercial zone that would better serve the town and the bus passengers. The bus does not consider the library as a destination site for their passengers. It is largely being considered because of its convenience for parking, bus turn-around and restrooms. This is not how we see our community library.

Metro bus will consider removing our library from their routing plan, but they will need to hear from as many of us as possible. Please join me in opposing this use of the Freeport Community Library.

Karin VanNostrand