Millett doing excellent work, so re-elect her


Rebecca Millett has consistently demonstrated the determination, persistence, and leadership required to get things done in the state Senate, and she has particularly focused her efforts on issues that affect children and families. As a parent of three young children in the public school system, I deeply appreciate Senator Millett’s work as chair of the Senate Education Committee. Her efforts to secure funding for schools across the state, expand access to early education, and reduce the costs of obtaining a college education have earned my gratitude and deep respect. These are issues that matter to me and to so many families I know.

I also value Rebecca’s strong support for solar energy legislation. It is essential, in my opinion, that we move away from dependence on fossil fuels, and Maine can definitely do more with investments in clean energy like solar. Rebecca has pursued efforts that help Maine lead rather than lag in the clean energy arena. I care a great deal about preserving Maine’s environment for my kids and their kids, and it takes more than just wishful thinking to do it. We need smart, forward- thinking policies like the ones Senator Millett has promoted.

Rebecca Millet is an extremely hard-working, dedicated individual. She is doing an excellent job working for us on issues that make a real difference in our lives. Let’s send her back to Augusta to keep up the good work.

Tessy Seward

Cape Elizabeth