Naples OKs moratorum on retail marijuana


NAPLES — Naples has joined with other towns in the Lakes Region in passing a moratorium on retail marijuana establishments and social clubs.

“This is boiler plate. This is pretty basic,” Selectboard Chairman Jim Grattelo said about the moratorium language. “This just gives us six months to put together an ordinance that’s going to make sense for the town of Naples.”

The measure bans retail marijuana establishments and stores from opening in town for six months after enactment. The moratorium was passed Monday, Oct. 16, and will extend through April.

The Selectboard vote was 4-0 in favor of the moratorium, with Selectman Richard Cebra absent. Cebra serves in the state Legislature, which was in a special session on Oct. 23 to consider statewide rules to regulate recreational marijuana sales.

Selectboard Vice Chairman Kevin Rogers discussed the ongoing work in Augusta, where lawmakers have been working to determine how to implement the Marijuana Legalization Act that was narrowly passed by referendum last November.

Many other towns have passed moratoriums as legislators have continued to work on the issue.

“We should do this just a safeguard measure, if nothing else, and then when the state decides what they want to do, then we can lift it or whatever,” Gratello said about the moratorium.

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