On the Right Lane: Ambitions of the Green Dream Team


“NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) says herring aren’t overfished, but the catch of the species needs to be reduced to prevent overfishing.”
Boston Sunday Herald

When it comes to our government at any level spitting out facts or figures, I to hesitate to believe what I just heard is truthful. So when I heard of the proposal to do away with airplanes, automobiles and only God knows what else and replace all fossil fuels with so-called green energy, I immediately wondered if some recently elected politicians have been smoking something green.

It’s not like I mind trying to clean up the environment because my wife and I do the best we can at recycling, including washing things like bottles and cans before tossing them into the silver bullet recycling bins. I also wash any type of can or bottle with a deposit because I have seen some really nasty things coming out of them at redemption centers.

There is no doubt that my wife and I love our independence because each of us has an automobile. It’s not like I haven’t used public transportation in the United StatesĀ  and even more so in Europe, where gasoline and diesel fuels are so heavily taxed it forces people to use public transportation. Yet folks in Europe still own and drive cars for their own convenience. The problem with public transportation is the fixed routes, but maybe that’s what the socialists or communists want in the first place. You know the old saying, be careful what you ask for because you might just get it.

And I can’t imagine what the economic effect would be of eliminating trucks, especially big rigs that carry so many products all of use on a daily basis.

All of this reminds me of my hometown. A hydroelectric dam was constructed in the year I was born with a promise of producing cheap electricity. Does any reader remember the Great Northeast Blackout of 1965? I do, because I recall some adults wondering why our town had no electricity although that dam had hundreds of lights still working. Oops, all of the power was going south to Massachusetts. Our local airport also had electricity because there was a small hydropower facility on a river near the airport. The rest of the town enjoyed the darkness just like most of New England. Yep, the government was taking great care of us, if you were in the right group of people.

Now for the proposal to replace airplanes with high-speed trains (e.g. bullet trains). Let’s see, didn’t California attempt to implement such a thing between Los Angeles and San Francisco? They sure did, and if the articles I read are correct, the cost has skyrocketed to something like $77 billion if it ever gets completed.

Lane Hiltunen of Windham says don’t worry be happy. If the Green Dream Team gets underway you won’t have any money left to pay any taxes on.