On the Right Lane: An event horizon


Definition of an event horizon: The theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light can escape, or a point of no return.

I have to wonder when it comes to politics in the United States if we have reached a point of an event horizon. I certainly hope that we haven’t. In other words, have we finally come to a point where the radicals of both parties will hate each other so much that the damage will take decades to undo?

I certainly hope that isn’t happening, but when watching the national media it is not difficult to come to that conclusion. That is, unless the national news outlets are themselves so biased that what we see on television is not necessarily the truth. I suspect that the Trump Doctrine to make America great again is working but not the way the president wanted.

I must point out that I am not a member of any political party, although I admit I was a Republican and almost became a Libertarian. Then after to moving to Windham I saw the light or maybe the light burned out. This might very well be the election year that we see both major political parties split apart. Part of the Democratic Party wants to go far left into socialism, and I hope to God that movement doesn’t succeed. Another part wants to radicalize and take over airports and other government establishments, which could paralyze government as we know it. Only God knows where these movements are going.

It’s either that or the voters will once again revolt and here comes another candidate that none could have dreamed (or maybe a nightmare would be a better description) of becoming president. At the national level, at least, my dream is that we throw the whole bunch of politicians out of office, put them on a ship docked in New York City and send the lot of them away with a one-way ticket. I do believe that we would be better off without them. I think that making politics a lifelong occupation should be immediately outlawed. I suggest making their salaries $1 per year and see how many hang around after that. After that it’s time to get rid of those in the national news organizations who love to distort the truth. News should be news and not spittle about how much they hate someone. Maybe it would take the poison out of politics and political news.

When it comes to Windham, I am glad that someone is taking a good look at the organization of our local government, and we should hope that it has a positive outcome. That happened with some U.S. Army and joint service organizations that I was either assigned or attached to.

Windham has been and is still a fast-growing town, so it should be organized and have effective leadership to lead it into the future. At this point I wonder if Windham has really become a city instead of a town. Before someone raises a stink on that thought, the designation of a town sounds a lot better to me that than of a city because I never ever have liked cities except for a quick visit. When a town council is forced to put multiple moratoriums in place there’s obviously some serious issues in how the town is managed. Natural resources are an important part of any municipality, and it’s high time Windham recognizes that.

And to conclude another column, I must write about myself whether I like it or not.  I have recently had three medical tests and so far the results have come back on two of them and not with the results I wanted to hear. If the third does the same I will sadly end my columns. I would much rather slow down and write one column or so, which I will try to do if I can. I personally feel that it is time to take a nice, long break and see what the future holds.

Lane Hiltunen of Windham thanks everyone associated with his column.