ON THE RIGHT LANE – Forgive us our debts, please


The problem I have with politics is that it gives me too much to write about on a continuing basis while the average citizen on the street is more than kind enough to ask me to write about other things as well. One letter sent to me was about a supervisor of some sort at the postal sorting facility in Maine keeping track of trucks delivering mail to the facility to make sure they didn’t run the numerous stop signs on the road near the facility. Best I can figure, that was to ensure the employees leaving the sorting center could either do so in safe manner or perhaps more importantly in a quick manner.

The Democrat in this week’s column is none other than our very own president. Yep, the very one whose political advertisement claims when Mitt Romney left office as the governor of Massachusetts the state was burdened with billions of dollars in debt. I guess the President has forgotten that he has increased the national debt by several trillion dollars to around $15 trillion. This is the very same president who recently stated that the private sector in America is doing just fine. My best guess is that he does not read the Wall Street Journal or watch CNBC or Fox Business News on television.

This is also the very same president who stated in 2010 that he would work with Congress to pass needed legislation and now he avoids Congress and does what he wants through presidential executive orders. His most recent decree was the children of illegal aliens born outside of the United States could stay here if they met certain conditions. It is more than obvious that he is doing nothing more than pandering to the so-called Latino voters during his reelection campaign. Why? Because nothing in his executive order allows those illegals to become citizens. As a first-generation American I hope that you are prepared to tell your children and grandchildren the reason they can’t find a job is because an American president allowed illegal citizens to not only stay but have jobs in our once great nation that many doubt the President was born in.

The President also claims that he has turned the economy around in America and he’s right. Let’s see, he was sworn into Office in January 2009, which was more than three years ago. A recent article in the USA Today stated that, “Incomes went down more during two years of this recovery than during the recession itself.” The article also shows that the median family’s net worth dropped to $77,300 from $126,400 in 2007. I know who I am not voting for for president.

I also know that I am not voting for Angus King to fill Sen. Snowe’s seat in Congress. When he left office as governor of Maine there was a significant deficit in the state budget and if I remember right it was around $1 billion dollars. He co-founded a so-called green energy company called Independence Wind, which received federal subsidies and is under investigation by a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. He also failed at his attempt as governor to make Maine the technology leader of the United States. He still wants to spread high-speed Internet access to those who live in the boondocks in Maine. I say if one chooses to live in the sticks, then they must pay for whatever services they need or want. Besides, does Angus King know that one can receive high-speed Internet access with a satellite dish instead of cable?

When the paper containing this column hits the stands, I will be coming back from Groton, Conn. after visiting friends when stationed at the American Embassy located (then) in Bonn, West Germany in the early 1980s. Of course this visit will include a visit to one of the casinos near there. So here’s the shocker. I checked gasoline prices online so I know where to stop. There is no doubt that anyone who sells gasoline in Windham is totally ripping off their customers.

Lane Hiltunen, of Windham, will stop in Massachusetts this week and pay $3.31 a gallon for gasoline instead of the $3.65 in Windham.