On the Right Lane: Make every day a holiday


“Aren’t we forgetting the true meaning of Christmas? You know, the birth of Santa.”

Bart Simpson, “The Simpson”

Please don’t trust what you are reading in this column, because it might just have originated from someplace far beyond what was once called “The Twilight Zone. “That just happens to be one of my all time favorite television series and since I grew up in a home that took years to have a television, I see reruns of that series even today that I have never seen before. I am, of course, retired, so every day is like a holiday although, I must admit, at my age any day that it attempts to snow definitely is not a holiday for me. There was one place, however, were holidays were numerous and I loved it.

When I worked I loved holidays. When I was stationed in Germany (then West Germany) I was a member of the U.S. Army Liaison Group to a place with the dual title of British Army of the Rhine and Northern Army Group. ┬áIf you are one who loves holidays, let me tell you, readers, that place had so many holidays I can’t remember how many there really were.

The British Army of the Rhine should need no explanation at all. Northern Army Group was made up of soldiers from the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. The one thing that I never had a clue about is the amount of holidays this military organization would have and please remember, I also had the American holidays as well. There were the birthdays of kings and queens, the coronation days of the same, religious holidays and many others so numerous that I never had to use my leave time. I wish I realized that I should never have left that place.

So it’s interesting when I find how many Americans dream of even more federal holidays. Without a doubt the one we hear about the most is having Election Day as a national holiday. Oh yeah, that sounds absolutely great until one thinks about who gets elected. Do we really need a holiday for that? Why not have Election Day on a Sunday when most of Americans are not working? But I know that would be opposed, except perhaps by car dealerships in Maine that cannot conduct sales on that day. Perhaps the United States needs to have more holidays as well?

I believe it was on our local Channel 13 that someone stated let’s make the day after the Super Bowl another national holiday. Wow, what an ingenious thought that is. Another day many presume others are drinking heavily is Saint Patrick’s Day. How about making the day after that another holiday? How about another holiday after Cinco de Mayo?

Lane Hiltunen of Windham wonders if government should pay all of us a living wage so we can be on a permanent holiday.