On the Right Lane: National political psychotic breakdown


“Always remember … Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots.”
Zaid K. Abdelnour, author of “Economic Warfare”

As I get ready for my first summer break from writing due to medical reasons I have to wonder how or who will begin the process of bringing our nation together instead of tearing us asunder.

If things couldn’t get worse, a U.S. Supreme Court justice has announced his retirement and it’s up to President Trump to nominate a replacement, which undoubtedly will set off the largest barrage of political hogwash most of us have ever seen. In other words, I don’t expect the political climate in our country to get any better within a decade or two. Although some political discourse is happening in Augusta from all sides of the aisles, I hope it doesn’t digress to become a cesspool like our nation’s capital has become.

It’s really sad that party lines do more to destroy the faith of Americans than the dirty tactics of our enemies who are always seeking to steal our technological advantage. I sense that dirty and nasty politics haven’t reached the bottom of the barrel yet. If one really pays attention to our Town Council meetings there are a few subtle hints of disrespect for our council leadership, but as of now it’s still relatively minor. What is great at the local level is that for the most part party politics hasn’t risen to the point that exists at the state and national levels and I really pray it stays that way. I feel that at the present rate our councilors are operating, Windham could see some great things happen, and I don’t think I have ever stated that before.

I usually don’t write much about politics at the higher levels, mainly because even I am disgusted that many of the decisions and votes taken are strictly political and therefore so far from making sense. Just look at all of the vetoes that Governor LePage has made as of late in the name of fiscal sanity that he claims is necessary for the state to remain fiscally sound. Well, now we will see how the votes go in the Legislature and how many were made on political lines. In the past, when the governor vetoed legislation, the veto was not overturned.  Yes, a few were but overall it’s difficult to guess what will happen next in Augusta.

Back in Washington, which I love to compare to a septic tank or something even worse, immigration and the selection of a Supreme Court justice will certainly remain in the spotlight for months, if not years. I see the Democrats using those two issues to the utmost of their abilities to continue the attacks on President Trump and the Republican Party as well. Having stated that, I also suspect that all sides of the political spectrum will absolutely stretch the truth as much as possible in order to make their attacks appear truthful as possible. The side effect of all of that political bull will only serve to divide our country even more, and I am sure the national media will be mesmerized by everything, truthful or not, that they can use to stir up the political climate in order to keep it newsworthy for as long as they can whether it’s good for the country or not.

The only solution I can see at this time if Americans don’t come out and vote is to place strict term limits on members of Congress and every member of every state legislature. I just love it when Maine legislators state that Maine has term limits when, in fact, that statement is a joke. I think that a total of eight years is enough time to do whatever damage an elected official is capable of doing.

Lane Hiltunen of Windham believes every elected person, including the president and the Maine governor,  should have term limits.