On the right lane: Plague of potty politics


“So any time your gettin’ low, stead of lettin’ go, just remember that ant. Oops there goes another rubber tree plant.”

“High Hopes,” Frank Sinatra

I wish that someone could come up with an explanation of what is going on in the world of politics these days. I can’t remember any time in my lifetime that we have seen so many accusations of sexual crimes and harassment by politicians or others in power in such places as Washington or Hollywood. More and more instances seem to pop up daily, which makes me begin to wonder what is really true and what may not be true. There used to be a day when it took a decision by a court of law to be found guilty, but it appears the national news media is more than glad to become the jurors in order to satisfy their own needs. And needless to say, we all might just be better off to let the legal system do its job.

I’ll be honest as I didn’t fully investigate a news story I heard about our members of Congress having a “slush fund” to settle claims against its members in order to squash any lawsuits against them. If, in fact, that is true then I can understand why illegal activity of a sexual nature could be condoned by those in power in any group because when it comes to politics and politicians they definitely are connected to their sources of political contributions. It only reinforces my idea of having a very strict term limit for any elected or appointed officials at any level of government. British politician Lord Acton said “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” and I suspect we are now seeing the results of that today.

I truly wish I couldn’t connect any such kind of activity to our elected officials in Windham because I always have hoped our elected officials are above such a thing. Sorry, because here’s the “but” in this case. As I understand it, when the Windham town councilors came out of their executive (and thus private) session of Nov. 21, some of those in attendance in the council chambers could hear an obviously strong and loud disagreement of some kind between a couple of the councilors. So I guess at least one of Windham’s elected officials are no different than those at the national level and for me, that’s sad to hear about.

I have to state that I feel sorry the two newly elected town councilors in Windham would witness such a horrible thing happening in our town. I will also state that I believe why it happened is because of internal problems with the makeup of the last Town Council and I will leave it at that. I have to believe it is also time for all Windham residents to watch and listen to what is happening with our town councilors, as now it is more than obvious the problem might extend beyond the council as well. It’s not like this is new in Windham and I will explain that comment.

Quite some time ago I stood up against the personal property tax which, by the way, is allowed in the state of Maine even though many future Mainers fought against the British in our Revolutionary War against taxation without representation. The most interesting fact for me was, I received tremendous local support although the majority of telephone calls were alerting me to the fact that those in power in Windham were somehow going to “get me” in one way or another. That had never happened to me anywhere I had lived, whether in the military or in some other occupation. There had to be a reason why I received those phone calls and I have to question if that continues today.

I believe that only a minority of our elected or appointed officers and officials in Windham are displaying some kind of actions that could become a problem for our town and the future of all of the citizens who live here.

Lane Hiltunen of Windham wants some serious answers.