ON THE RIGHT LANE – Reflecting pool or cesspool?


My feelings on government spending are exactly the same whether it’s Windham, Cumberland County, the state of Maine or the biggest waste of tax dollars, Washington. Let me start in Windham where two nice shiny, white Jeep Patriots with municipal license plates are now parked at town hall. They appear as motionless as the bus, van and truck that belong to the Windham Parks and Recreation Department. Those three vehicles replaced the two vans that were parked in the same place and basically rotted away. I see no guarantee that the vehicles sitting there now will be any different. But this is Windham where $175,000 was spent on a new dump truck for Public Works while more and more citizens are using food pantries and wondering if they will have a place to live tomorrow.

I must also mention that there is now a draft plan for the Lowell Preserve in Windham that includes harvesting trees. I know that there are many that feel that those trees do not belong to town hall or the Windham Parks and Recreation Department but rather to the taxpayers who truly own that property. It goes to show that our town manager and his cronies will not cease in their quest for more money. I have no doubt that some moron in government will claim that by selling those trees our tax dollars will decrease and if anyone believes that I have some property on the Moon that I want to sell.

To put in plainly, those are our trees and we alone should decide if they are to be harvested and where the money should go. Maybe there is truth that the government operates on money trees.

The White House pushed for spending of so-called stimulus money to put our nation’s economy on the road to recovery. Now there has been news that emails show that the White House overlooked the federal Department of Energy giving a $535 million loan to a company called Solyndra, which appears to have been politically connected to Washington and especially the White House. In case you don’t know, after that company received its money it went bankrupt. This is the same company that President Obama visited and declared was the future for American jobs. The company’s executive officers pleaded the Fifth during hearings in Congress and I am still wondering why they are not in jail just like the idiots in Washington that gave them the stimulus money in the first place.

But then again, this is the American president who did a political press conference with the Brent Spence Bridge in the background. He stated that if his jobs bill were passed, the Brent Spence Bridge (which just happens to connect the state that’s home to the Republican Speaker of the House with the home of the Republican leader of the Senate) would be repaired. There is no doubt in my mind that our president is stooping to new political lows while proving that himself and members of his political staff are idiots. Why do I claim that? Because that bridge is already slated for repairs and the engineers haven’t completed their studies. The President stated that the repairs of the bridge were shovel-ready. I don’t call the year 2015 shovel-ready by any means.

I know what’s shovel-ready. My dog gives me exactly the same as the government at all levels gives taxpayers.

Lane Hiltunen, of Windham, wants stimulus dollars because his driveway is snow shovel-ready.