On the Right Lane: Reycling at its worst


 “When they call the roll in the (U.S.) Senate, the senators do not know whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not Guilty.'”
President Theodore Roosevelt

I really don’t care if the welcome sign at the southern end of the Maine Turnpike says “Open for business” or “Welcome home,” because it’s nothing more than whitewash for any administration in Maine. I will know that a change has happened in Maine when we come out on top of good lists and at the bottom of bad lists. Right now the opposite is happening, even with our power company serving southern Maine.

It’s time to face the truth in this state. Politicians have promised us the world and yet many of us still wait for the changes to happen. Remember the many promises about lowering our cost of electricity? Well, just in case no one has noticed, CMP is proposing yet another huge increase that far exceeds the percentage of increase for those of us on social security. You probably have noticed the price of gasoline has fallen and yet heating oil and propane remain high, so we are hit no matter what. I still can’t figure out why those of you who heat with wood are paying exorbitant prices, so I can only believe it is a ripoff. Maine is covered with trees for God’s sake.

All of this makes me wonder if it is time for strict term limits that actually accomplish something, rather than all of the false advertising about Maine currently having term limits. Again, that’s just another example of the hogwash coming out of Augusta, or as I call it, Disgusta. There is a lot of talk and yet the same problems continue. Maine is one state where recycling of politicians and elected officials probably contributes to its problems rather than solve them. One of my favorite sayings is that if one is part of the problem then they are more than likely not part of the solution. Think about this, if they couldn’t solve Maine’s problems in the first place, why are they still around? Are Maine voters that gullible?

So I really don’t care what the sign on Interstate 95 advertises because, in fact, it is only one little sign that most people glance at and quickly forget. It’s a political sign at best and lousy advertising at the least. If a politician wants Mainers to return to this state, make it more affordable by lowering the cost of taxes, electricity, food, rents, home ownership and on and on. Oh, I almost forgot. Maine is increasing the amount of people on Medicaid. I have to believe some Mainers will return, but they just might be in the minority of new arrivals in Maine.

Lane Hiltunen of Windham believes the Windham town councilors will also recycle an elected official. So much for new thoughts in our town.