On the right lane: The Gang of Four


“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, Jan. 20, 1961.

I can barely remember watching John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address and remembering all that he said to America, although I do remember watching it on a black and white television. After watching the Windham Town Council meeting of 10 October, I can only wish that the majority of town councilors could relate to that famous speech.

Lately the Gang of Four, at least to me, is hellbent on doing what they want no matter what the outcome becomes for all the citizens of Windham. At a minimum, it’s my best guess that they have just destroyed property values that are located on private roads and ways. Sadly, properties located on and around the Highland Lake watershed, however extensive that may or not be, are affected as well, but that is temporary in nature so time will tell that story.

Sadly, Windham’s problems with private roads and ways has been stewing for a long time. Over that period the problems became even more severe because nothing was done by our local government. One citizen at that meeting gave some excellent methods to fix up private roads but was ignored, the best I can tell, by the town councilors. As I stated in a recent column, the majority of town councilors supported fixing problems associated with private roads and ways with an ordinance, which they could modify at a later date. As usual, I can only guess that it will be later than sooner before that happens.

After the council meeting of 10 October it is more than obvious that our councilors have split into two separate groups. One or two councilors bounce between the two groupsd, depending on the issue in front of them, but for the most part it will more than likely be a Gang of Four. All I can say is hang tightly to your wallet or it might just be gone. As far as the councilors’ vote to approve an ordinance that prevents Windham citizens from subdividing their property as state of laws allow, well just look at who voted for it and best as I can tell most of them were biased to vote that way.

I would state a whole lot more of what I know, but unfortunately I cannot watch the meeting on the town of Windham’s website. I wrote this column last Sunday night and it still is not there to watch. I don’t know why, it used to be that the council meetings and workshops were available the very next day, but that hasn’t happened for several weeks now. The citizens of Windham certainly deserve an explanation as to why this is happening. It is sad that most citizens don’t watch these meetings or even care about them for that matter, but when the public record disappears then there’s a real serious problem. As marijuana use becomes more and more widespread, I can only believe that more people will turn away from reality and care even less.

At this point we know that Sen. Susan Collins will attempt to stay in the U.S. Senate rather than run for governor of Maine. That should make the run for governor nothing less than a slugfest. Sorry, I really don’t consider her a Republican much the same as I consider Senator King as a true independent. That certainly shouldn’t surprise anyone in Maine when I say say that. I don’t even care to guess how many other candidates will come out of the shadows to run for governor but at this point who even cares? But I will make a point that one of my wife’s ancestors was governor before he became President Lincoln’s first vice president.

Lane Hiltunen of Windham gives Donald Trump a 10 percent chance of finishing a full term in office. Sadly, most of the rest of us just might have the same survival odds as well.