On the Right Lane: They said what?


“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”
George Orwell, “1984”

What a wonderful world of strange politics that we live in today. Some send emails and texts while some twits love to tweet. Emails have started investigations and tweets have become fodder for the news media. The Republicans are about as organized as a barrel full of monkeys, whatever that means. Politicians at the state and federal levels are about as effective as a Nash Rambler or maybe a Ford Pinto.

So now for the rest of the story, as someone famous used to say. What’s up with the whispering that happens routinely among certain Windham town councilors during their meetings? These meetings are public and as far as I am concerned every word they speak during them should be in the public record, including those snide remarks made on a routine basis by at least three councilors. It’s beginning to look more and more like some of councilors could care less what other councilors are saying, and that’s bad for the residents of Windham.

If anything else couldn’t be worse, Windham now has a couple of town councilors that have been downright rude to some of the members speaking at meetings and workshops. I believe that they have already decided what they are going to do ahead of time. I have found out through experience what that means and it’s not nice either. That shows a true lack of leadership from my military experience where some of the actions of a few should not be tolerated. When leadership cuts off a town councilor from enhancing the discussion councilors are having, that is not a good thing and it shows a definite bias.

I do appreciate the discussions about Windham having a community center because with a lack of other supporting infrastructure I feel the town should do something. However, I will state that a minimum of tax dollars should be used not only to build a community center but to operate it as well. I also feel having things like a fitness center should be done by private enterprise as I believe government shouldn’t compete with private businesses in any manner. I do like the thought of using private contributions, fundraisers and nonprofits. Here comes the sticker:  I also would like to see some kind of fee to use the community center. Then we’ll all see how many would like to join such an effort or seek the easy out and want to suck more tax dollars from us.

What would the taxpayers think of a fitness center located in town hall? I don’t like to name names but I am hearing some rumors it’s being proposed. Wow, imagine them having such a thing while the rest of us, if we want to, have to pay a monthly or annual fee to use such a facility run by a private business. What’s next, catered meals? But I know government at every level does that at some point. It’s no different than what the members of the U.S. Congress have at taxpayers expense.

Then there’s citizens initiatives with petition drives that the Maine governor and Legislature seems to have an extremely huge problem with. Ranked-choice voting was declared unconstitutional and I am actually happy with that. That’s a legal matter as far as I can gather. And yet here we go again with another petition drive to bring it back once again. Didn’t these people learn anything in school? If I had my druthers I would want to see out-of-state money banned from citizen initiatives in Maine, but I suppose that would be found illegal today the way things are going. I am hearing rumors about a petition drive being started in Windham and if I think it is what I heard it is, I would definitely support it. The November elections are coming up and what a wonderful time to collect signatures at the polls (hint, hint).

Lane Hiltunen of Windham would love Windham to have a transfer station but seriously doubts anyone running the town knows what one is.