On the right track – Government for dummies


I guess I can finally state that I appreciate government at any level in this country. It gives me the ammunition (pardon the pun) to write how I feel when I witness our hard-earned money being tossed across our nation like nothing more than manure and for the most part all it does is create even more government waste.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in Windham, Disgusta or the biggest cesspool of all, Washington. The more I think that our president can serve no more than two terms while members of Congress can serve even after they are brain dead makes no sense to me at all. Of course the real sad news is that many were brain dead before they were elected. Disgusta and Windham are absolutely no different than the pollution residing along the banks of the Potomac River.

Let me start in our nation’s capital with the Department of Defense, my former employer. I spotted several headlines online about the Lockheed Martin Corporation’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program that is now expected to cost $382.4 billion, which is 65 percent higher than the estimate of $232 billion. Coupled with research and construction costs, the price of an individual F-35 skyrockets from $62 million to somewhere around $112 million. Hey folks, that’s an increase of more than 80 percent. Please look in the mirror if you can’t guess who is going to foot that bill. Can you imagine how much money the federal government could save if the nitwits in Washington could understand what the term “contract” really meant?

Most who are acquainted with me know that I seek medical treatment at the Togus Veterans Hospital in Augusta because of my service-connected disabilities. I am generally happy with the services I receive there and assist many veterans of all branches of military service to do the same. A little over a month ago I had a trip to the Togus emergency room and was surprised when I went to the cafeteria and found it completely remodeled. I was surprised to find it closed again because the refrigeration unit(s) needed to be redone also. What I am happy to report is that I wasn’t the only one unhappy about such a waste of our tax dollars. At the same time the pharmacy was about as fast as molasses in Nome, Alaska in the middle of February. All I can say is welcome to national health care when it is fully implemented. Please don’t worry. The wait in line could only cost you your life.

In Windham, who were the stars of Dumb and Dumber? I’ll tell you it was the town planning officer Brooks Moore and the Economic Development Officer Tom Bartell. Their appearance before the town council shows that Tony Plante needs to be removed from office immediately. He’s the one that hired them and he’s the one who should be fired for exactly that. Oh yeah, get rid of the other two also and here’s why. When asked questions by the town councilors at the last council workshop, the only answer heard was that it would be necessary to pay for more studies from an outside contractor. I have to ask one question. What do these two do in town hall that is productive if they are not capable of coming up with solutions by themselves?

And to finish this column why were Senator Bill Diamond and Representatives Plummer and Bryant on Windham’s local Channel 7 the Friday before Election Day? Aren’t they candidates seeking reelection? Please remember these three amigos or whatever you what to call them are all up for reelection so I have to ask one question. How could they do this show just before an election and feel politically correct?

Lane Hiltunen lives in Windham.