Q&A: With new manager on board, TV station gets tune up


People who regularly tune in to Westbrook’s channels 2 and 3 to watch public meetings and stay up-to-date with announcements from the city may have noticed an upgrade in quality during the past few weeks.

This month, the city replaced broken cameras and purchased new equipment for the station. At the same time, a new station manager, Tina Radel, has come on board.

Radel spoke with the American Journal last week about her background in production, her plans for the station and the new features viewers can expect.

Q: What kind of experience do you have in public access television?

A: I was the TV station manager in Kennebunkport. I was there for two years, and before that I was a public TV station manager in New Jersey. They didn’t do the meetings, but they would do the school events and the events around town. I would shoot, do the voice over. I have a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Delaware. I’ve worked in multimedia development and created educational software. I actually wrote a video production module that was sold to schools.

Q: What kind of new equipment do you have at the station?

A: We got four new cameras. We were down to one when I first started. The other ones just weren’t working. The new ones are Sony three-chip cameras. They have a much better picture. We’ve done two meetings so far with the new stuff. I’m working on titles for each person at the meetings. Eventually, we can import video clips, like for the mayor’s call-in show. So, he can point to the clip and say, “This is what it looks like,” if we wanted to show someone using the new toters (for the recycling program). We also have a new camera controller, so we can set up our shots.

Q: What difference will the new equipment make to viewers?

A: They should see an improvement in the quality because the equipment’s all digital. They’ll see close-ups now.

Q: Do you have any personal plans or goals for the station?

A: I would like to cover more events. I think they did in the past, but it kind of died down. We have some field equipment.

Q: How soon after meetings air will people be able to watch them on the city’s Web site?

A: I try to get them on the next day. I would like to come up with a Web site just for the channel. I have some Web design background, and I’d like to update the page a bit.

Tina Radel, the new station manager for channels 2 and 3, sits in front of equipment recently purchased by the city. She says viewers “should see an improvement in the quality because the equipment’s all digital.”