RSU 14 budget validation vote next week


WINDHAM — The Windham-Raymond School District will have its budget validation public meeting next week, providing the first of two chances for voters to weigh in on the $46 million proposal.

If district voters sign off on the 2019 budget during the Wednesday, May 23, meeting at Windham High School, it will then go before voters in both towns during the June 12 election.

The proposed district budget for the coming fiscal year represents more than a $1.1 million increase – or 2.5 percent – over the current year.

RSU 14 Assistant Superintendent Donn Davis said that under the budget proposal, the district projects Windham taxpayers will be responsible for more than $21.5 million of the overall budget – an increase of nearly $1.9 million from the current year. Raymond taxpayers would cover nearly $9.2 million – an increase of less than $24,000.

Those projected numbers would mean a roughly 9.6 percent increase for Windham taxpayers compared to last year and a less than a 0.3 percent increase for Raymond, according to Davis.

Davis said the nearly 2.5 percent overall budget increase “can be attributed to increases in the cost of our contractual employment agreements (salary and benefits) between the School Board our employee associations.”

A district budget presentation document projects that RSU 14 will receive approximately $1.1 million less in state subsidy compared to the current budget year.

When asked if the proposed budget included funding to support the construction or lease of a planned shared vehicle maintenance facility with the town of Windham, Davis said that the district “is not constructing a transportation facility and is negotiating the terms of a lease agreement with the town of Windham – the result of which has not culminated at this time.”

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The RSU 14 budget meeting is Wednesday, May 23 at Windham High School.