Rumson is change needed in District 67


Susan Austin has served the town of Gray for a long time. There’s no question that she has dedicated countless hours to our community. However, one must question whether she continues to be the appropriate representative for this district in Augusta. Quite simply, she has shown herself to be in lockstep with Governor LePage’s policies, which show a steady disregard for the people of Maine.

When Governor LePage refuses to issue the bonds that we the people have voted in favor of, Susan Austin supports him. When Governor LePage refuses to appoint a head for the Department of Education, Susan Austin supports him. When Governor LePage refuses to expand access to Medicare for needy Mainers, Susan Austin supports him. When Governor LePage shutters Healthy Maine sites that provide cheap and ready health information and access, Susan Austin supports him.

All the while, Rep. Austin leaves behind a record of sponsoring very little enacted legislation and showed little evidence of advocating for measures that have improved the regulatory environment for the town of Gray.

It’s time to give someone else a shot at the District 67 seat. Rachel Lyn Rumson is a small business owner here in town who knows well the issues that face us all: Access to affordable health care, access to affordable education for our children, and a level playing field for every Mainer being high on the list.

I’m voting for Rachel, and I hope you’ll join me.

Sam Pfeifle