Sanphy puts city first


I am writing to express my thoughts about Mike Sanphy, mayoral candidate for the city of Westbrook local elections. While I have moved away from the Westbrook area, where I served as its police chief 1987-1994 and police officer from 1973-1987, prior to retirement I have had the pleasure to work with so many good people of Westbrook, as well as having been a colleague to many city employees in the police.

Over my 21 years, I worked under Mike Sanphy, where I found him as a sergeant to always be patient, calm, rational and helpful to all. I was always amazed with Mike’s ability to reach across all socio-economic levels and to develop compromise and basic understanding of people’s needs. Mike Sanphy later was instrumental with others to my great success in rebuilding a very damaged police force. No matter what the challenge, Mike Sanphy took on many assignments at my behest; he came with solutions, never a negative response. He tackled difficult problems with quiet authority and resolved much conflict.

At this point, Westbrook needs an individual as honest and humble as Mike Sanphy, who over his lifetime living in Westbrook has always put the city first. People trust him for good reason.

Dr. Ron Allanach

Vancouver, British Columbia