Scarborough resident pens terrorism book


Many people recognize Scarborough resident and terrorism expert Col. David Hunt from his work with Fox News, where he is a regular guest on Bill O’Reilly and other news programs.

But today Hunt, who is a former member of the Army special forces, is putting his master’s degree in English to work, by authoring his recently released book “They Just Don’t Get It: How Washington Is Still Compromising Your Safety – and What You Can Do About It.” The book is Hunt’s take on the war on terror, in which he feels the country is failing to sufficiently do the job.

According to a review by Publishers Weekly, Hunt “hates congressional committees and admires elite military teams like the SEALs and Delta Force; he wants them turned loose. Merged into the ‘TKA’ (Terrorist Killing Agency), they would receive intelligence from the now competent intelligence bureau, proceed to wherever terrorists operate and (with or without the host country’s permission) kill them.”

Hunt said the book is not political and is critical of most of the country’s recent presidential administrations. But it does outline his feelings and beliefs on the war while also serving to better educate people about the war on terror and its participants. For example, included in the book are some parts of an Al-Qaeda training manual so people can better understand the enemy, he said.

He wrote the book because he feels people have forgotten about the war on terror and what led up to it. In fact, when he was interviewed last month the 1500th person was killed in Iraq, yet the news headlines were about Martha Stewart getting released from jail. The problem, he said, is that the public is not paying attention to what is going on.

In addition, Hunt said people have forgotten the pain of the attack and that, for the first time in America’s modern history, all of the country’s airports were closed to travel.

“We’ve forgotten it and what it felt like,” he said.

Today there remain many problems, he said. The country remains insecure and people regularly enter the country illegally through Mexico. In addition the country’s response to terror threats is inadequate, he said. Some of the problems with security include the fact that the FBI has a new computer system that doesn’t work and said the Homeland Security Department is a “joke.”

“I wrote the book saying you gotta be kidding me,” he said.

Hunt also is angry at the amount of bureaucracy in the country, which is making fighting terrorism that much more difficult. He said when John F. Kennedy was in office there were 62 people on the White House staff, and today there are 1,500 people working with President George W. Bush. A three-star general in Iraq has a 1,000-person staff and yet nothing is getting done, Hunt said.

Instead, he would like to reduce the number of bureaucrats and expand the intelligence agents and combine the county’s various agencies into a single bureau.

Hunt said that the only reason he was given the chance to write the book was because of his work on Fox and got hooked up with the publishing company through his work with Bill O’Reilly, who told Hunt that he should write a book expressing his feelings. In fact, on the book’s jacket O’Reilly is quoted saying, “If President Bush is really serious about winning the War on Terror, he needs to read They Just Don’t Get It immediately. And you do too.”

Hunt, who is retired after 30 years in the military, also is working on other works, including “The Boston Incident,” which is a suspense novel about terrorists. He has not yet sold the book.

He said it took him about six months to write the book while he was incapacitated from an operation he had to remove shrapnel from his body due to an injury he sustained while fighting in Vietnam. Currently he is working on promoting the book through a series of book signings and readings at bookstores.

“It’s been a big deal, almost overwhelming,” he said, about getting his book published and the associated publicity.