Senate Judiciary Committee's behavior embarrassing


I am so discouraged today. I am discouraged by the conduct of the U.S. senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee in the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. They should be embarrassed. Never have I been more offended by the lack of respect for the nominee and his family, each other and for themselves. Their lack of respect for over 200 years of rules and traditions are disgraceful.

I’m not sure why anyone would subject themselves and their family to such an embarrassing process. It’s a public process children are unable to attend because of the behavior of our elected officials. A process that allows a senator not to ask honest questions, but to grandstand for his/her next election and tell the nation he is willing to sacrifice his current position for releasing classified documents; knowing full well those documents had already been declassified. It is so disingenuous it’s disgusting. A process where a senator has to remind the world multiple times that he has 44 years in the Senate. And that is important, why? If he needs to remind us he’s been there for 44 years, my guess is he’s been there too long. It may be time to move on.

And I could go on and on. Senators from both sides of the aisle. God bless any nominee that goes through the dishonest process. I would have to guess that the nominee believes in what he’s doing, believes in the process, believes in the system he will represent. He must believe in his country and its history and traditions.

The Senate’s job is to advise and consent in an honest process. I am so tired of the dishonesty of our entire electoral process. Perhaps we should think about President Abraham Lincoln’s thoughts about elected office. I’m paraphrasing here: Do a couple of terms and move on and let someone else have a try at it. It is after all supposed to be a citizen legislature working for the people not their next election. This is what President Lincoln feared some 160 years ago. Pretty clever guy.

Jeffrey Morgan Pierce