Shaughnessy sends thanks


I want to send my best regards to James, Mike and Jason for running a strong race for mayor. It was a race we, and Westbrook, can all be proud of. Although I have only campaigned a couple months it was one of the best experiences of my life and to come within 1 percent of being mayor is an honor. I want to thank everyone that had given me their support and assistance and the citizens that gave me their vote. I feel honored and blessed. I congratulate Mike Sanphy on his win and look forward to working with him in the future.

Throughout the campaign while talking to people I have come to appreciate the deep potential that Westbrook holds. It embraces a beautiful river poised to come back. There are a variety of neighborhoods surrounding a substantial downtown district. It has a mix of urban, rural and suburban areas. It has extraordinary people and it is becoming wonderfully diverse with a growing community of immigrants. There is so much that can propel Westbrook forward. It can set a bar for its connection to the environment; in its quality of life; and its attractiveness to new and innovative entrepreneurs. While growth in numbers is not always necessary, to make a place excel on limited resources creativity, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit are. While I fell short in this election, I remain energized by the depth of possibility that Westbrook holds and look forward to being a part of the work in moving it forward. Thank you all.

Michael Shaughnessy