Shooter unknown in slaying of Poland cow


A cow’s long and winding wilderness journey ended in Raymond last month.

Officials still do not know the identity of the shooter of a Black Angus steer that broke free of a farm in Poland and spent six weeks walking between Poland and the neighboring town of Raymond.

Little is known of the cow’s route, but neighbors scattered throughout the Poland-Raymond area reported various sightings during the hiatus.

“We put hundreds of man hours into trying to catch that thing. It was like a ghost,” said Peter Bolduc, 40, owner of the steer.

Bolduc, the owner of Harvest Hill Farms on Bakerstown Road, said six cows broke free one day in mid-September.

“We brought some new cattle in and they got a little obnoxious and they broke through the fence,” Bolduc said.

Five of the bovines were captured within 48 hours, Bolduc said. The sixth took a long, spiraling path that nearly caused several car accidents along Route 11.

“It came back once, we tried corralling and it spooked,” Bolduc said.

Raymond Animal Control Officer Don Alexander became concerned when the steer cleared the five miles between its owners farm and the town line.

“I didn’t want a school bus to hit it,” Alexander said.

Since the animal was skittish when cornered and presented a serious traffic hazard, Alexander said the extenuating circumstances convinced him to allow lethal measures to be used in stopping the steer’s odyssey.

“I told the owner I wanted that animal out of my town, and I wasn’t too particular how he did it,” Alexander said.

Bolduc said the fall foliage made it especially difficult to spot the wandering beast. The animal did not stick to Route 11 and made its way into the forest and backroads.

We were relieved when we heard it was in a section of town with a lot less traffic,” Bolduc said.

Alexander said the last time he heard of the maverick Black Angus was when he got a call on Nov. 1 that the animal had been fatally shot in the woods off the Valley Road in Poland. Alexander said he thought Bolduc had shot it. Bolduc said Alexander was mistaken.