Sirocki eager to return to work


It is my honor to have been re-elected to represent the individuals of Scarborough’s House District 28 in the Maine Legislature. Working in state government as a lawmaker in the Maine House of Representatives is a responsibility I take seriously.

As a state representative, I am pleased with our progress of growing more than 20,000 new jobs in the last six years to promote overall prosperity, reforming our welfare system to help individuals transition from welfare back to work, cracking down on fraud and abuse, lowering tax rates, supporting our public schools and improving government transparency.

I sincerely thank the voters in my district for the many votes of support, and I am eager to return to Augusta to continue the important work of balancing the budget, promoting opportunity, helping our small businesses by removing burdensome regulations and seeking common sense solutions.

Heather W. Sirocki

State Representative

District 28 – Serving part of Scarborough