Six on Naples ballot to fill three selectboard seats


NAPLES – It’s a crowded field in the race for Naples Selectboard this year.

When town voters head to the polls on Tuesday, May 30, they will see a total of six candidates running for three selectboard seats. Two of those seats are full three-year terms, and the other is a partial one-year term to serve the remainder of Christine Powers’ seat, since she has moved out of town.

Three candidates are running for the two full-terms seats. Naples Budget Committee Chairman Jim Grattelo is challenging incumbents Kevin Rogers and Dana Watson.

Three other candidates are running to fill the remainder of Powers’ term: DJ entertainment business owner Bill Adams, Naples Planning Board member John Thompson and Budget Committee Vice Chairman James Turpin.

Five of the candidates shared information about their background and vision for the town with the Lakes Region Weekly. Current Selectman Kevin Rogers could not be reached for comment.

None of the other races on the Naples ballot are contested.

Candidates for two full-term seats 

Jim Grattelo 

Age: 58
Occupation: Worked previously for 20 Years at Hannaford as merchandise manager; creator and owner of Joker’s Family Fun; creator and owner of Turf’s Sports Pub; owner of Portland Sports Complex.
Political experience: Current chairman of Naples Budget Committee, former two-term mayor of Biddeford, former York County Budget Committee member, former four-year chairman of Biddeford Board of Education
No. 1 issue facing the town: “Their is a huge disconnect between the Naples Select Board and its citizens. Complaints have fallen on deaf ears for years. The lack of transparency, the lack of public information, the lack of public debate and  the lack of responsiveness has caused Naples citizens to lose their confidence in local government and quite frankly have given up. Naples deserves better. The citizens want their voice back.”
Dana Watson 
Age: 73
Occupation: Owner and operator of Dana Watson & Sons Building Movers  
Political experience: I have been a selectmen for 30 years with the town and have also served on the Budget Committee. I have lived in Naples my whole life.
No. 1 issue facing the town: “Naples really needs to work on the Town Ordinances, some should be combined and the definitions within the ordinances also need to be more clear.”
Kevin Rogers
Could not be reached for comment.
Candidates for one partial-term seat 
Bill Adams
Age: 34
Occupation: Owner and manager of Bill Adams Entertainment, a disc jockey  entertainment business.
Political experience: None
No. 1 issue facing the town: “Future planning and consistency. We as a town need to plan for the future and be more consistent when it comes to policies, planning and budgeting.”
John Thompson
Age: 72
Occupation: Partially retired, works part-time as the code enforcement officer for Frye Island.
Political experience: Served as interim Naples town manager, former Naples code enforcement officer, current third-term member of the Planning Board.
No. 1 issue facing the town: “Getting the word out because it’s just not happening. I think they need to do a better job of getting information out (to the public).”
Jim Turpin 
Age: 65
Occupation: 30 years sales and marketing experience in the travel goods industry. Owner of Coveside Conservation Products in Casco for the last 10 years.
Political experience: Two years on the Naples Budget Committee, with one year as chairman.
No. 1 issue facing the town: “Overcrowding at the Songo Locks Elementary School and the related need to reopen the Crooked River Elementary School without an increase in the property tax rate.”

Jim Grattelo

Dana Watson

Bill Adams

Jim Turpin

John Thompson