Small businesses get help from Efficiency Maine


BRIDGTON —  Good lighting is important to Falcon Auto owner Artie Triglione as he rebuilds starters and alternators and does general repairs. With the help of Efficiency Maine, Triglione now has a brighter workplace and lower energy costs. 

“Everybody’s noticed [the new lights] since they’ve come in, because it’s so much brighter,” he said. “It’s unbelievable.”  

Triglione worked with Efficiency Maine’s Small Business Initiative in the Lakes Region, which provides businesses a chance to decrease their lighting costs. This limited-time program helps to install more energy-efficient LED lighting.

The initiative, launched by Efficiency Maine in 2016, connects eligible businesses with local contractors for a free lighting assessment. Based on that assessment, which lays out the costs of potential upgrades and estimated energy savings, the business owners can decide whether or not to move forward with the project. 

Triglione said he would “absolutely” recommend other local small business owners look into the Efficiency Maine initiative. The process doesn’t take very long, he said.

Many local businesses have taken advantage of the program. According to Efficiency Maine, 18 projects have been completed in the Lakes Region with another19 underway. Another16 local businesses have lighting assessments scheduled. 

“Small business owners are busy people. We launched the Small Business Initiative to make lighting upgrades as easy as possible. Switching to high-efficiency LEDs can significantly reduce lighting costs, meaning more money to invest in your business rather than on your electric bill,” said Rick Meinking, Business Program Manager at Efficiency Maine, in a press release. “We’ve seen great success in other towns through this program, and we are excited to bring the program to small businesses in the Lakes Region area.”

 Eligibility is determined by a business’s electric bill rate, with “Small General Service Customers” who use less than 25 kilowatts per month being able to participate. 

According to Efficiency Maine, there is no firm deadline to take advantage of the program. But any interested businesses should know that the group plans to wrap up the Lakes Region initiative sometime this spring. 

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A Closer Look
Lakes Region business or property owners who are interested in the Small Business Initiative program can call Efficiency Maine at 866-376-2463 or go to