Spring Awards: Windham


WINDHAM—This year’s sundry spring awards are now available, and – per usual – the Eagles raked in quite a few. Windham teams, in fact, all turned in excellent seasons: Most finished well over .500, and none missed the postseason.

Windham’s spring previews can be found here.

Baseball (11-7)
MPA Class A South Sportsmanship Award
SMAA First Team – Bryce Afthim (P)
SMAA Second Team – Tanner Bernier (U, P)
SMAA Honorable Mention – Chris Naylor
SMAA All-Academic Team – Tanner Bernier, Anthony Kilgallon, Nick Kilgallon, Cam McCartney

Boys Lacrosse (11-3)
MPA Class A North Sportsmanship Award
SMAA Second Team – Tommy Lekousi (M)
SMAA Honorable Mention – Tyler Woolston (A)
SMAA All-Academic Team – Andrei Voinea

Girls Lacrosse (8-6)
SMAA First Team – Morgan Colangelo (D)
SMAA Second Team – Bell Skvorak (M)
SMAA Honorable Mention – Grace Sawyer (G)
SMAA All-Rookie Team – Emma Yale 

Softball (10-8)
SMAA First Team – Chloe Wilcox (1B), Erin Elder (OF)
SMAA Second Team – Alex Morang (3B)
SMAA Peter Meagher Award for Player/Sportsman of the year – Megan Joy
SMAA Honorable Mention – Lauren Talbot, Whitney Wilson
SMAA All-Academic Team – Megan Joy, Jessica Meyer, Alex Morang, Lauren Talbot

Boys Outdoor Track (Eighth at States)
SMAA Second Team – Alex Wilkins (Long Jump, Triple Jump)
SMAA All-Academic Team – Alex Wilkins, Kevin Ingalls, Noah Hall, Amren Frechette

Girls Outdoor Track (24th at States)
SMAA All-Academic Team – Danielle Meader 

Boys Tennis (9-5)
SMAA Second Team – Stephen Sepulveda (singles), Andrew Wing (doubles), Cory Hutchison (doubles)
SMAA All-Academic Team – Logan Cropper, Trevor Growley, Cory Hutchison

Girls Tennis (7-7)
SMAA All-Academic Team – Anna Cancelarich, Autumn Hall, Gabrielle Smith

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Belle Skvorak blasts a shot on the Falmouth net during the Lady Eagles’ playoff bout at the Yachtswomen.

Tommy Lekousi played a huge role across the field for their Eagles in their superb 2018.

Alex Wilkins splashes down in the Triple Jump at States.