Standards for medical marijuana facilities move forward


WESTBROOK — The City Council at first reading has approved standards for medical marijuana growing facilities and dispensaries in Westbrook.

The council on Monday unanimously approved the item, which will now go to a public hearing for final approval on Feb. 5. The standards, which were recommended by the Planning Board on Jan. 2, are an amendment to the city’s Land Use Ordinance.

If approved by the council, the ordinance would make medical marijuana facilities a conditional use in two parts of the city. Dispensaries would be permitted in the Gateway Commercial District, and caregiver cultivation facilities, or growing facilities, would be permitted in the Industrial District.

Additionally, home growing would be permitted in any qualified patient’s or licensed caregiver’s residence in any base or overlay zone. Medical marijuana dispensaries and growing facilities won’t be permitted within 500 feet of sensitive use areas, such as homes, schools and day cares.