Standish town councilor ‘lucky to be alive’ after Richville Road crash

Standish Town Councilor Michael Delcourt's truck after being struck from behind on Richville Road. Delcourt suffered series injuries in the crash. 

STANDISH – There were at least three significant car crashes in the Lakes Region on July 6 – including one that seriously injured a Standish town councilor.

According to police, Michael Delcourt, 72, who was elected to the Town Council in 2016, was hit from behind on Richville Road Thursday while waiting to turn into his driveway.

Councilor Greg Sirpis said his Delcourt broke his neck, a rib, and a finger in the accident, and that Delcourt is “incredibly lucky to be alive.”

“Obviously, we’re all hoping for a speedy recovery,” said Sirpis, who also said Delcourt told him Friday that he went into his midnight surgery thinking he might die.

According to a press release from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, Delcourt’s 2011 Toyota Tacoma truck was struck by a 2004 Chevy Suburban driven by Michael Richards, 34, of Naples.

Richards was driving north on Richville Road when he hit Delcourt, “catapulting (Delcourt) into hardwood trees on the opposite side of the road,” according to the press release. The sheriff’s office also said Delcourt was transported with “serious injuries” while Richards was not injured.

Sirpis said Delcourt told him over the phone that he appreciates the well-wishes he has received. He said he expects Delcourt to return to council meetings as soon as he is able.

A separate two-vehicle crash in Casco on the same day also resulted in significant damage, but serious injuries were avoided when a cement truck struck a Toyota truck that failed to yield at the intersection of Route 11 and Route 121.

The sheriff’s office credited the driver of the cement truck, 48-year-old Edwin Graham of Bridgton, for his reaction.

“Graham’s actions behind the wheel of the commercial vehicle averted certain tragedy and no one suffered any significant injury though both vehicle(s) did get badly damaged,” a separate press release from the sheriff’s office said.

Louis Dapas, 72, of Casco, was heading north on Route 11 when he failed to yield to the truck heading south on Route 11, the release said.

Also on July 6, a box truck struck Evergreen Credit Union in Naples, ripping off the canopy over the bank’s drive-through teller lane. Though no one was hurt, the building and truck were both significantly damaged, authorities said.

“No one was beneath the canopy and there were no injuries to anyone involved. The Credit Union was occupied and the staff were stunned by the crash,” the sheriff’s office said in a prepared statement.

That release identified the truck’s driver as 33-year-old Scott Nason of Lewiston, and said the truck is owned by Rockingham Electrical Supply of Newington, New Hampshire.

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The drive-thru canopy at Evergreen Credit Union in Naples was ripped off the building by a box truck.

The scene after a car accident in Casco involving a cement truck and a Toyota that failed to yield at the intersection of Routes 11 and 121.

Standish Town Councilor Michael Delcourt’s truck after being struck from behind on Richville Road. Delcourt suffered series injuries in the crash.