Taxpayers, rise up


Kudos to Ralph Dean for his comments in a letter in the April 13 Tri-Town Weekly regarding the RSU 5 board of directors “actions.”

I would like to add a few comments myself.

Why is it that the project committee thinks it “can steer $600,000 from the high school renovation budget” to the track and field project? Seems to me that the residents of RSU 5 voted no on that item some time ago.

Secondly, it really irks me that the cost of the high school renovations came in under budget and the Town Council, et. al., approved using those monies for items that were kicked out of the original budget. Why wasn’t that money returned to the residents who are being taxed out of their minds?

It is really time for a change. Taxpayers, rise up and, at a minimum, get out and vote on these issues. Stop the little minorities (helicopter parents) from running the town.

A final thought: This is a classic example of why Donald Trump became so popular.

Jean Cousinow