The boy who cried wolf


“Nobody believes a liar … even when he is telling the truth!”
Aesop’s Fables

Something is blossoming at Windham Town Council meetings and yet there are no flowers present. All one has to do is watch the meetings to see what I mean. You might find an incident at a recent meeting rather amusing because my wife did and I have to thank a Windham town councilor. You see, I love my wife’s sense of humor and during the Windham council meeting of Sept. 11 my wife laughed and laughed again. That was good to see after receiving a rather hefty bill for electricity thanks to our recent hot spell and then receiving our property tax bill, which we paid immediately. Unfortunately, we constantly hear from politicians how high our property taxes and electricity costs are and I’m sorry to report nothing has been accomplished to lower anything. Oops, at that meeting a Windham town councilor proved he doesn’t have a clue about me. I highly suggest anger management therapy as a starting point.

I am old enough and certainly have had plenty of life experiences to realize the reason when a so-called political wannabe attacks me. Most attacks are so humorous I actually enjoy them. But when a young elected official uses me to attack another elected official a fine line has been crossed and  the gloves come off. The sad part is the same elected town councilor does this constantly from meeting to meeting while complaining nothing gets done. That’s a sad state of affairs if there ever was one.

Working in the Equal Opportunity/Race Relations Office at the Headquarters, United States Army Europe when it was formed in the early 1970s gave me the greatest insight into America’s problems, problems that beforehand I quite frankly didn’t give a darn about. That was also the starting point of the All Volunteer Army, which my office was also responsible for.

All of what I just mentioned might not appear to be a big thing except the U.S. Army needed lots of volunteers and that meant both females and males. You had better believe there was apprehension about that from the old-timers in the Army then. Nowadays after watching the Windham town councilors when nothing gets accomplished, I have a sense that some of those old discrimination beliefs still exist, and that’s something that shouldn’t happen with our local government in Windham. All I will state is I will continue to watch and report on what happens at Town Council meetings.

I believe all of us know that a recent study was conducted on what I presume was on how well or not so well the government of Windham is functioning. Come on now, Windham taxpayers first paid for a study evidently conducted by the Windham town manager about supposed problems happening at the Windham Public Works Department. I have to guess that was a bogus study that the public paid for but will never see. Yet another study was conducted for some reason or another so we again have to wonder why and if we will ever see the results of that study. If the citizens of Windham see nothing, I have to assume (dangerous thing to do as we all know) it was damaging to some degree to someone in our local government. Sorry to say that, but please remember I was going to the White House during the Nixon Administration and the Watergate affair.

Trust me (wasn’t it President Nixon that stated that?), I will not rest until the entire truth comes out on how good or how bad our government in Windham has conducted its business to serve its citizens. I really do want to retire from writing a column, but as long as my town has problems that affect not only its effectiveness but truth as well I definitely will continue to write. I will not tolerate any elected official who will attack and put down citizens of this town, elected or not.

Lane Hiltunen of Windham believes Windham is at the crossroads of having a good or bad government.