Track: Local athletes reel in awards at States

In the 1600, Caleb Pendleton finished second in a tight threeway race with Westbrook's Josh Lombardo (first) and Scarborough Shamus Malia (third).

WATERBORO – Better than two dozen teams descended on Massabesic’s beautiful new track and field on Saturday morning, June 3, for this year’s Class A Outdoor State Championship. In team action, Scarborough won the boys’ title and Cheverus the girls’, while in individual action, a substantial list of local favorites again showed their stuff. Bonny Eagle’s Ben Steeves shredded the 800, for instance, while Westbrooker Josh Lombardo pulled off a brilliant, narrow win in the 1600. Ami Beaumier, a Scot, won the 3200, while powerhouse Blue Blaze Nyagoa Bayak won both the High Jump (with nothing approaching her personal best, even!) and the Triple Jump.

Complete Boys Team Scores
1. Scarborough, 103; 2. Thornton, 50; 3. Messalonskee, 49; 4. Westbrook, 47; 5. Brewer, 40; 6. Bonny Eagle, 39; 7. Lewiston, 34; 8. Deering, 31; 9. Falmouth, 30; 10. Brunswick, 29; 11. Oxford Hills, 25; 12. Windham, 22; 13. Edward Little, 21; 14. Hampden, 18; 14. Cheverus, 18; 16. Biddeford, 16; 17. Mt. Ararat, 15.50; 18. South Portland, 14; 19. Sanford, 12; 20. Cony, 10.50; 21. Bangor, 9; 22. Gorham, 8; 23. Noble, 5; 24. Massabesic, 4

Complete Girls Team Scores
1. Cheverus, 74; 2. TA, 60.50; 3. Falmouth, 38; 4. Scarborough, 52; 5. Hampden, 38; 6. South Portland, 37; 7. Lewiston, 35.50; 8. Bonny Eagle, 35; 9. Westbrook, 32; 10. Noble, 30; 10. Gorham, 30; 12. Bangor, 28; 13. Oxford Hills, 18; 14. Messalonskee, 17; 14. Edward Little, 17; 14. Massabesic, 17; 17. Windham, 14; 17. Deering, 14; 19. Mt. A, 12; 20. Brewer, 8; 21. Skowhegan, 4; 21. Marshwood, 4; 21. Cony, 4; 24. Brunswick, 3; 25. Mt. Blue, 2

Boys Selected Individual Results
200 – 1. Johnny Rosario, TA, 22.48; 8. Alex Wilkins, Windham, 23.50
800 – 1. Ben Steeves, Bonny Eagle, 1:55.97; 4. Ethan Orach, Gorham, 1:59.78; 5. Josh Lombardo, Westbrook, 2:01.29
1600 – 1. Josh Lombardo, Westbrook, 4:28.57; 2. Caleb Pendleton, Bonny Eagle, 4:28.79
3200 – 1. Paul Casavant, Hampden, 9:27.76; 3. Ben Breton, Windham, 9:38.38; 7. Josh Lombardo, 10:02.69
110 Hurdles – 1. Tanner Burton, Messalonskee, 14.91; 2. Shammah Gahomera, Westbrook, 15.18; 3. Dominic Creenan, Westbrook, 15.91; 5. Cameron Holloway, Westbrook, 16.19; 7. Michael O’Clair, Bonny Eagle, 16.49
300 Hurdles – 1. Michael O’Clair, Bonny Eagle, 29.79; 2. Shammah Gahomera, Westbrook, 40.39
4×400 – 1. Scarborough (Ben Batoosingh, Noah Drapeau, Charlie Piper, Jarett Flaker), 3:31.61; 5. Bonny Eagle (Michael O’Clair, Caleb Pendleton, Derek Cole, Ben Steeves), 3:34.72; 8. Westbrook (Brandon Whitlock, Josh Lombardo, Mahamed Sharif, Shammah Gahomera), 3:38.01
4×800 – 1. Scarborough (Erik Larkin, Noah Drapeau, Charlie Piper, Shamus Malia), 8:16.63; 3. Bonny Eagle (Ben Steeves, Trevor Neal, Jordan Fournier, Aiden Willey), 8:24.85
1600 Racewalk – 1. Steven Smith, South Portland, 7:02.71; 4. Carlos Monsen, Gorham, 8:00.07
Long Jump – 1. Longhao Chen, TA, 21-09.25; 2. Dominic Creenan, Westbrook, 21-02.50; 3. Alex Wilkins, Windham, 21-01.25; 7. Zack Allocca, Bonny Eagle, 19-09.75; 10. Garrett Higgins, Gorham, 19-05.75
Triple Jump – 1. Alex Wilkins, Windham, 43-09.25; 8. Dominic Creenan, Westbrook, 40-08.50; 10. James Benson, Gorham, 40-03.75

Girls Selected Individual Results
400 – 1. Emily Turner, Cheverus, 59.22; 5. Quincey Lyden, Westbrook, 1:01.44
800 – 1. Juliana Selser, South Portland, 2:16.95; 3. Kayla Raymond, Bonny Eagle, 2:22.95; 5. Emma Abbott, Bonny Eagle, 2:24.10
1600 – 1. Juliana Selser, South Portland, 5:11.01; 3. Ami Beaumier, 5:24.69; 8. Hailey Applebee, Windham, 5:31.97
3200 – 1. Ami Beaumier, Bonny Eagle, 11:22.53; 2. Anna Slager, Gorham, 11:26.18; 6. Iris Kitchen, Gorham, 11:30.75
4×100 – 1. TA (Sabria Merrifield, Kieya Dion, Katie-Marie Roy, Mia Taranko), 50.55; 10. Bonny Eagle (Kanani Lopes, Sarah Dube, Emma Noonan, Lauren Smith), 53.50
4×400 – 1. Cheverus (Emma Gallant, Katelyn Gendron, Emma White, Emily Turner), 4:04.68; 4. Windham (Morgan Proulx, Amanda Turner, Hannah Langstaff, Abigail Clinch), 4:15.66
4×800 – 1. Bonny Eagle (Ami Beaumier, Emma Abbott, Christine Toy, Kayla Raymond), 9:47.68; 2. Gorham (Sarah Johnson, Kate Tugman, Anna Slager, Iris Kitchen), 9:48.70
1600 Racewalk – 1. Kayla Allen, Lewiston, 7:26.64; 4. Hayley Bickford, Gorham, 8:59.48; 8. Stef Meacham, Gorham, 10:12.07
High Jump – 1. Nyagoa Bayak, Westbrook, 5-04.00; 3. Lingdong Bol, Windham, J5-04.00; 6. Sierra Guite, Windham, J5-00.00
Long Jump – 1. Emma White, Cheverus, 18-02.00; 4. Evelyn Kitchen, Gorham, 16-07.00; 5. Kelly Dyer, Westbrook, 16-6.00; 6. Nyagoa Bayak, Westbrook, 16-03.75
Triple Jump – 1. Nyagoa Bayak, Westbrook, 36-08.00; 5. Lingdong Bol, Windham, 34-07.50; 8. Evelyn Kitchen, Gorham, 33-10.50; 10. Erin Esty, Gorham, 33-05.00
Shot Put – 1. Daija Misler, Hampden, 41-07.50; 6. Sophia Williams, Westbrook, 33-06.00
Javelin – 1. Jadah Adams, Oxford Hills, 115-02; 4. Evelyn Kitchen, Gorham, 107-04

Area coaches expressed great pride in their athletes. “Ethan Orach, senior, ran a lifetime personal record,” said Gorham boys coach Jason Tanguay, “and finally broke the two-minute barrier on his way to placing fourth (in the 800)!”

Gorham girls coach John Caterina was “very pleased with the results. The 4×800 broke a long-standing school record and came in second to an outstanding Bonny Eagle team. Evelyn Kitchen scored in both the javelin, which was expected, and the long jump, where she wasn’t expected to score. Hayley Bickford scored in the Racewalk while battling a bad head cold. Finally, Anna Slager and Iris scored in one of the best copetitions of the day, the 3200.”

“Oh,” Caterina said, “and all these girls will be back next year!”

Bonny Eagle coach Mike Burleson bullet-pointed several team highlights: “The girls 4×800 winning the State Championship with all underclassmen; Ben Steeves finishing the season undefeated in individual events with a state title in the 800; Michael O’Clair winning the State Championship in 300 Hurdles with the best time in Maine this year; Ami Beaumier running 4×800, state champ, 1600, third, and 3200 – state champ in her third event of the day; Caleb Pendleton having a huge PR and a strong finish to place second (in the 1600); sophomore Kayla Raymond taking third and freshman Emma Abbot taking fifth in the 800; boys 4×800 taking third.”

Paula Pock, Windham boys coach, took a moment to praise Wilkins and Breton, and added that both are moving on to New Englands.

Windham girls coach Jeff Riddle offered a heap of plaudits for his squad. “Junior Lingdong Bol matched Windham’s high jump school record,” Riddle said. “Lingdong also broke the 1999 Triple Jump school record (this season). Each of her triple jumps during the (State Championship) finals broke the school record.” The previous Eagles record stood at 34-06.50.

“The 4×400 team…broke the 1989 school record. At the State Championship, our young team posted an incredible 4:15.66. They will be racing again this Saturday at New Englands in Norwell, Mass.” Proulx, Turner, Langstaff and Clinch smashed the previous Eagles record by nearly two seconds.

Langstaff and Clinch both set impressive new PRs in the 400, the former shaving roughly five seconds off her time from a week prior and the latter roughly three seconds.

“Freshman Hailey Applebee, after resetting her mind to let go of the Two Mile for this year, targeted the Mile and 800,” Riddle said. “Once focused on these events, she accomplished amazing times and earned PRs every week. She posted an incredible Mile time at the State Meet.”

“Freshman Sierra Guite,” Riddle said, “on a fully sprained ankle, pulled off the impossible as she, on her third and final attempt, jumped 5-00.00 in the High Jump…She’ll be competing at the upcoming New Englands.”

“Our 4×100 team,” Riddle said, “made up of two seniors, Cassidy Mullins and Amanda Turner, and two freshmen, Morgan Proulx and Molly Skvorak, who, due to injuries and other hurdles never really were able to race much together all season, ran an incredible relay at States. They worked on their handofs during the week prior and then brought their A-game to the meet. They earned 11th place and reduced the early-season relay time from 1:00.50 to 53.77, and impressive PR.”

Riddle ended his remarks with a few words of praise for Skvorak in the 100, Danielle Meader in the High Jump and Allison Drew in the Pole Vault. “They all showed up to compete, and did their best on that day,” he said.

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In the 1600, Caleb Pendleton finished second in a tight threeway race with Westbrook’s Josh Lombardo (first) and Scarborough Shamus Malia (third).

Trevor Neal runs the 1600 for Bonny Eagle.

Windhamite Jeremy Bennett runs the 1600.

Aiden Willey runs the 1600 for Bonny Eagle.

Ami Beaumier performed, as expected, excellently in the distance events.

Westbrook’s Shammah Gahomera narrowly missed taking first in the 110 Hurdles.

Carlos Monsen once again turned in an excellent performance for Gorham in the Racewalk.

Racewalker Hayley Bickford finished fourth for Gorham.

Lingdong Bol took third in the High Jump for Windham.

Nyagoa Bayak won both the High Jump and the Triple Jump for Westbrook.

Westbrooker Dominic Creenan didn’t have his best day on Saturday – but then, a slightly off day for Creenan is a great day for most other athletes.

Windham’s Alex Wilkins finished third in the Long Jump, seen here, and won the Triple Jump outright.

Blaze Josh Lombardo narrowly edged top opponents Caleb Pendleton (Bonny Eagle) and Shamus Malia (Scarborough) for first in the 1600.