Voice your opposition to Medicare vouchers


Many of my friends and family members have been voicing concern about the current discussions taking place in Washington about Medicare. I am writing this letter because I decided to make 2017 the year to get involved, get informed and, hopefully, make a difference.

I am a proud 50-plus citizen of our wonderful state, and like many other people I know, I vote with my heart and my head rather than lock-step with one party or another.

Maine is the oldest state per capita in the country so it is very important that our U.S. Senators and members of Congress address issues that are important to us and our families. One issue of paramount concern is Medicare. According to AARP, approximately 288,000 Mainers are already on Medicare and another 315,000 of us will be eligible for Medicare in the next 15 years. Right now, Congress is actually considering a voucher (or what some call a “premium support”) structure that ultimately would result in higher risks and an increase in health care costs.

There is no alternative to Medicare when you get to a certain age and have only so much income. I saw the benefit of Medicare in action during the decade I cared for my mother before she died last year at the age of 93. Thanks to Medicare, she was able to receive excellent health care and was able to afford necessary medical equipment that enabled her to stay in her own home. Medicare even made it possible for her to die at home during her last months in hospice.

Please add your voice to this important and contact Maine’s senators and members of Congress so they know Maine is against Medicare vouchers. The voucher system would increase costs for seniors and that simply cannot be tolerated.

Dr. Erica Magnus