Volk cares – outside of district

I’ve been a home child care provider for 25 years. Two years ago, I was assigned a new licensor, which is similar to an inspector. Suddenly I was being written up for the smallest things. I was threatened with being placed on a conditional license. This subjected us to even more inspections and opportunities for this new licensor to find small “violations,” many of which were not even actual regulations. These untrue and unsubstantiated accusations were posted on a public website by DHHS licensing. These postings are done without any process of dispute or rebuttal by child care business owners.

The stress was mounting. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to stay open. I have never had a complaint from anyone. I contacted Amy Volk.

Even though I do not live in Amy’s district, she returned my call, listened to my story and then asked to come visit my day care. She came with me to a hearing at DHHS and has made phone calls on my behalf. Amy Volk has also gotten involved to help other child care providers outside of her district as well. Amy has taken hours to attend meetings in Augusta this summer on behalf of child care professionals who are the “mothers” of Maine’s communities.

Because of Amy’s support, positive changes have been made. I no longer worry about having to close my day care and leave families in my community without the excellent care they’ve grown up with.

I’m encouraging all of Scarborough, Gorham and Buxton to vote for Sen. Volk. She is a legislator who takes care, not only of her constituents, but of others. She truly cares about the issues affecting Mainers every day and works hard to improve things for all of us.

Kathy Folan

South Portland