Westbrook Police notes – 1/03



Not-so silent night

On Dec. 21, police received a call reporting the sound of a woman screaming in the area of Main Street. Police went to the scene, but found nothing.

Get out

On Dec. 22, police went to a Cumberland Street residence to serve a trespass notice on a person who was unwanted in the home.

Bang bang

On Dec. 22, an East Valentine Street caller reported hearing a loud bang that sounded like a gunshot. Police said they found nothing suspicious and no further noises were heard.

Close the door

On Dec. 23, police received a report from someone passing by Lee Dodge on Main Street. The caller said that a door had been left open. Police went to the dealership and discovered that a hose had been left out, keeping the door open. Finding nothing else suspicious, police put the hose inside the building and shut the door.


Dec. 21

Allen Jenkins, 36, of 64 Base Road, Machiasport, charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a scheduled drug as well as charges stemming from an outstanding warrant on Main Street.

Devin Howell, 25, of 11 Gray Road, Southport, on charges stemming from an outstanding warrant on Andover Road.

Jason Bakanosky, 32, of 132 Laurel Ave., Haverhill, Mass., charged with acquiring drugs by deception on Hannaford Drive.

Rachel E. Thompson, 27, P.O. Box 531, Bridgton, charged with theft and the misuse of a public benefits instrument at Kohl’s on Main Street.

Joesph E. Marquis, 20, of 45 Clay Pits Road, Scarborough, charged with unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs on Bridge Street.

Dec. 22

Marian G. Slusser, 51, of 92 Oak St., Apt. 1, Westbrook, charged with assault on Oak Street.

Edward J. Darcy, 45, 239 Tandberg Trail, Apt. 2, Windham, charged with theft at Kohl’s on Main Street.

Jay Higgins, 46, address unavailable, charged with theft and violating conditions of release at Kohl’s on Main Street.

Dec. 23

Alison R. Tracy, 34, of 67 Elmwood Ave., Scarborough, charged with unlawful possession of a scheduled drug and operating while license suspended or revoked on Main Street.

Dec. 24

Patrick S. McInnis, 48, of 6 Pinebrook Lane, Portland, charged with operating under the influence on Main Street.

Dec. 25

Richard L. Cote, 34, of 17 Mechanic St., Apt. 2, Westbrook, charged with robbery, theft and assault at Friendly Discount on Main Street.


Dec. 21

A 16-year-old juvenile was charged with theft at Westbrook High School on Stroudwater Street.

Dec. 22

Brent F. Gross, 24, of 28 Humbolt Street, Portland, charged with operating with a suspended registration on Bridge Street.

Dec. 24

Amber L. Loring, 21, of 16 Dalten Pines Road, Apt. 5, Windham, charged with the sale and use of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana on Main Street.

Dec. 25

Andrew S. Copeland, 47, of 984 Spring St., Apt. 6, Westbrook, charged with filing a false public alarm or report on Spring Street.

Dec. 26

Louisa M. Ezzy, 20, of 40 Leland St., Portland, charged with operating while license suspended or revoked on Main Street.

A 17-year-old juvenile was charged with possession of tobacco products by a minor on Main Street.