Westbrook police notes –6/13



All along the Watchtower

On June 4, a Duckpond Road resident called to report a suspicious male and female approaching houses on the street. Police found the couple and learned that they were Jehovah’s Witnesses going door to door.


On June 5, police received a call from a Lyman Street resident reporting that neighbors had left a light on in the house while they were on vacation, and that light was now off and the residents were still away. Police discovered that all was well – someone bringing in the mail switched off the light.

Debate over decaf

On June 6, police went to Dunkin’ Donuts on Main Street for reports of a couple arguing in a car. Police sent the man and woman on their way with no problem.

Welcome to the neighborhood

On June 6, police received a call from a Bridgton Road resident reporting that there were people walking around the vacant house next door. Police went to the scene and learned that the people were prospective buyers checking out the house.

If you yell, they will come

In the early morning hours of June 8, police received a report that there were people yelling at the Bridge Street ballfields. When police arrived, there was no one there.


June 4

Ervin G. Garcia, 33, of 7 Webb St., Apt. B, Westbrook, charged with domestic assault on Teri Circle.

Efrem Velez, 44, of 141 Deer Hill Circle, Westbrook, charged with domestic assault on Deer Hill Circle.

Lalah Kargar, 26, of 18 Hill St., Portland, charged with theft by receiving stolen property and a probation violation on Main Street.

June 5

Joseph A. Nicolantonio, 28, of 14 Tramway Lane, Apt. 1, Westbrook, charged with domestic assault on Tramway Lane.

Terry A. Smutz, 25, of 54 High St., Windham, charged with violation of a protective order on North Street.

June 6

James T. Osborne, 28, of 842 Baker St., Apt. 2, Biddeford, charged with criminal mischief, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and refusal to sign a criminal summons on Cross Street.

Gregory P. McLaughlin, 35, of 123 Devereaux Circle, South Portland, on charges stemming from an outstanding warrant and a charge of theft on Main Street.

Thomas S. Green, 45, of 135 Bridge St., Apt. 6, Westbrook, charged with two counts of possession of a scheduled drug on Bridge Street.

June 7

David L. McKeage, 36, of 58 Johnson Road, Windham, charged with operating under the influence and operating without a license on Bridgton Road.

Mary A. Leet, 48, of 280 Longfellow St., Apt. 24, Westbrook, charged with violating conditions of release and operating while license is suspended or revoked on Hannaford Drive.