Westbrook Together Days: Community, family, friends

The 38th annual Westbrook Together Days, which featured carnival rides, musical performances, a parade, and fireworks, was held June 2-3 at Riverbank Park.

WESTBROOK — The 38th annual Westbrook Together Days was missing a little something this year, but attendees were too busy celebrating the city and enjoying their families and friends to notice.

Westbrook Together Days, which took place June 2-3, usually has a theme for its annual Saturday morning parade. But even though some parade floats in the past were on theme, many weren’t, and the event committee decided to forgo having one this year, according to Abigail Cioffi, the executive director of the Downtown Westbrook Coalition.

“To me the theme is always Westbrook,” she said. “It’s nice to have that extra theme, but it’s not always needed.”

Themes can be limiting, Cioffi said, and that’s not what the event is about.

“It’s about giving people a place to come enjoy everything instead of one thing,” she said. “It’s not completely a carnival, it’s not completely about bands. It’s representative of all of Westbrook.”

Event-goers said they appreciate that variety and that Together Days is always larger than its theme.

“I don’t care if there’s a theme,” said Colleen Norberg of Windham. “I get to meet up with people I went to school with and see old friends.”

Glenn Norberg, also of Windham, agreed. He said Westbrook Together Days is about coming home.

“I was brought up here. I’ve always loved Westbrook Together Days. It’s a family tradition,” he said.

Family time was a primary reason for attending the event for many people. 

“We live here and have family here,” Ben Corriveau said. “It’s a good way for community to come together.”

Others agreed and said they see the annual event as a way to spend quality time with their children.

“People aren’t all on their cell phones,” said Jennifer Dolloff of Limington. “It’s good family time.”

Sue Joyce, vice president of the Westbrook-Gorham Chamber of Commerce, the host of the event,  said she was pleased with the weekend’s turnout, but was uncertain of how many people were in attendance. The average attendance is 15,000-20,000 people over the two days.

The crowd was steady, she said, but wasn’t over-packed like it has been in the past. She said the weather and brief rainstorm may have played a role.

“I thought (the event) was just wonderful,” Joyce said. “I wish the weather had been warmer, but people still came out.”

Westbrook resident Hilary Chase said she and her family come out for the event every year because of what it symbolizes, theme or no theme.

“We’re celebrating being part of the community of Westbrook,” she said.

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The 38th annual Westbrook Together Days, which featured carnival rides, musical performances, a parade, and fireworks, was held June 2-3 at Riverbank Park.

The Westbrook Together Days, held June 2-3, were enjoyed by all, including four-year-old Madison Brown and her dog, Simon.

The June 2-3 Westbrook Together Days drew steady crowds, but was never overcrowded, according to Sue Joyce, the vice president of the Westbrook-Gorham Chamber of Commerce.

Dylan Alward, 3½, of Standish rides a pony last weekend at Westbrook Together Days. He was attending the festival with is mother, Jen Alward.

Cheerleaders from Elite All Stars of Maine in Westbrook drew a large audience with their performance.

Attendees enjoyed the variety of the event.