What has happened to our faith?


Having read John Balentine’s column in the Dec. 30 issue of the Lakes Region Weekly, I agree with him that opinions are only opinions unless they are distributed to a wider audience, when they then become issues worth contemplating.

There was a (recent) article in the Portland Press Herald about a fellow who winds up being the only attendee at a 5:15 p.m. Episcopal Church service, and his experience with the local pastor. This is quite sad, especially in light of the zealots we read about in the Mideast who sacrifice all they have including their lives for their faith. What has happened to our faith? How can we possibly counterbalance radical Islamists when we take our Judeo-Christian heritage for granted? Maybe we should remember the hymn “Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war.” Isn’t it about time that we stood up firmly for our own beliefs? How is it that we allow mosques in every city of our great country under the banner of freedom of religion, while there is not a single Christian church nor Jewish synagogue left in the Mideast? (Israel excepted.)

We need to level this playing field, and if we are unprepared in our busy lives to do this, then God help us and we deserve what we get.

Tom Ewig